the coffeetographer & the sartorialist : cultural serendipity


sometimes, photographers are visually stimulated by similar images. how often, I wonder, in this big, yet small city of New York, will one photographer, having never met another photographer, be moved to photograph the same person.

I don’t know. perhaps, a lot. but, to see evidence of it, now that, I believe is rare. at least, its rare for me. so, when I scrolled through my blog reader, updating myself on the latest from the one and only, The Sartorialist, how tickled I was to discover, that he and I both, were moved to take a picture of the same woman -albeit on different streets and in a different neighborhood- as shown above.

I met Ariel, back in February, in bushwick, at little skips.  I’m as happy now, as I was then, that I was drawn to capture her through the lens of coffee culture, with clutch and coffee at her side for my tumblr.  fast forward to may,  here she is on the streets of Manhattan, captivating The Sartorialist lens’, cigarette and all. I’d love to talk to him one day about how he came to this shot and if he too, was moved by her fingers, coiled hair and the slight puckering of her lips.

until then … this is cultural serendipity!