Where to Coffee… During NYFW, Fall


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coffee time

1. Abraco

You’ll know you’re here by the gathering of people standing around its one bench and one table. A longtime staple of the Lower East Side and far enough away from the center of the NYFW tide, this is a good place to stop for a taste of New York locals; artisanal semi-sweets and savories with a load of sidewalk chatter. Don’t mind the limited seating, the culture and company is so good here that you won’t mind.

Order: Go rogue, try the black and tan – its off menu – with a slice of olive oil cake.


2. Blue Bottle Coffee
Coffee is to milk as clothes are to fashion: inseparable. In the former loading dock for Milk Studios you can experience both here during the length of the shows as Blue Bottle Coffee is next door to MadeFW. Find respite here with views from lengthy windows and capture street style passing literally before your eye. Psst: last season Jared Leto was here.

Order: Cascara Tea, its the best thing since coffee.

3. Café Grumpy

Fancy an alfresco coffee kickback, then Café Grumpy’s Chelsea backyard is quaint enough for leisure and urban enough for outdoor chuckles and harmless ruckus among friends. Walking distance from many of the West Side held shows it’s a great place to take a elongated breather.  There’s ongoing art rotating in the space so mind the walls.

Order: Heartbreaker Espresso, or a Flat White.

4. Intelligentsia
The ambiance feels a little nostalgic as you enter the courtyard of the High Line Hotel – which is like a cinematic prelude with an eventual foyer – bellhop included – to greet you.  Shows occur in its recesses and around it, so stop in for coffee in between and sip world-class specialty coffee in old grandeur style.

Order: Go vintage, Black Cat Espresso, alone or with milk.

5. Saturdays Surf NYC

Nestled is a good word for a surf shot on a corner street within the West Village that also functions as a coffee shop. Inspire your inner child with surrounding yourself with its colorful surfboards and the sports’ cultural accouterments from books to gear. The best seat might just be the raised wood deck that is its east window – hop up into it – you can daydream for hours.

Order: Sip long, look long, with a latte.

6.  Two Hands NYC

Come here for it all. However you shot call it; aesthetic, space, amenities like a rolling newspaper rack, wood stools on the inside, milk crates on the outside – this is a place that subliminally says ‘stay’.  The menu item holds drinks familiar and new to the American drinking palate and menu the music here is sure to give you a welcomed wild goose as to what will play making sure you “don’t hold the wall.” Justin Timberlake

Order:  Any coffee drink with ‘avocado and toast.’


van leeuwen truck, blind contour

van leeuwen truck, blind contour

7. Van Leeuwen

Can having coffee be any more fun, than stepping up to an ice cream truck and order it through a barless window? Or, entering its brick and mortar shops where vinyl spins, Australia’s Toby’s Estate is being dialed and the concoction of an affogato can come in flavors beyond vanilla and vegan too – I think not. Come for the ultimate coffee and ice cream treat anytime of the day – you’re so allowed.  If in Brooklyn visit the Boerum Hill location, if in the city and shopping, visit the SOHO truck and take a seat on a storefronts steps, its an iconic Soho move.

Order: The affogato, with Earl Grey ice cream.


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