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Peter Drucker says, “If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”

Well, I hope having a coffee never gets old for me, which is why I love traveling to new places, coffee places in particular. Its like a new opportunity to do something old, as old as hundreds of years: gathering across a cup of something brewed.

I recently had a coffee date with a friend who I first met at another coffee shop up in Herald Square. If you’re thinking where would I go for coffee in Herald Square, and you’ve zeroed in on the Intelligentsia along with Urban Outfitters and Amoeba Records then you are right.

So it was this last Friday [Aug 1], mid-afternoon that we occupied the window seat with views of stucco, the street, paintings and a rolling newspaper rack in our view. The coffee shop is called Two Hands and it hails from a group of Australian owners who’ve thought a lot about this space.

Upon first entry, I experienced space,  ample room in between the communal tables to the left and the circular tables and walled bench to the right. There’s a big enough counter where you can see everything from the coffee equipment to the food menu up above and the coffee menu to the right.

I opted for a flat white, because I just love having an Australian coffee made by Australians. It was lively!  Now, lets get to this toast. A beautiful grain of a bread held its own as a rich amount of avocado with speckles of pepper topped it. I’m a crust girl so I loved that as I began cutting it into squares that its ends were just the right amount of dexterity that required pleasant effort to chew.

avocado and toast

avocado and toast


While there, rap and old school hip-hop dominated the listening party and it was perfect. Here we were, with the light of the window seat shining on our green and red toppings, with music rooted in storytelling and quite appropriate – Lauryn Hill included –  and all to the chatter of at least five different cultures.

There’s an amazing art exhibition, framed with the sensibility that made me feel I was in the natural outdoors by Nicolas Potts, called ‘America’.

Nicolas Potts 'America'

Nicolas Potts ‘America’


Take a look while you wait for your order to arrive, which will be matched to a red playing card they’ll give you to place on your table.

I felt very welcomed by this space and I accepted its invitation.  Here’s an extra kudos, our barista allowed us to engage him in a chat about his tenure here in New York and his experiences so far at Two Hands. In these moments of sharing, I experienced joy, that something all three of us love, allowed us to experience an exchange of human interaction deeper than our order.

We lingered for at least two hours and I’d get lost like that, in time, all over again anyday.  Next visit, I’m trying the ‘outback capp’ alfresco. See you there.

Two Hands | 146 Mott | Instagram

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