coffeetography.: Adwoa Aboah, after Coach, Basketball City, NYFW

all the gurls


To have a voice is inalienable. To wield it is empowerment.

Woman, model and ultimate girl Adwoa Aboah speaks with sultry husk: like marinated fruit infused barbecue sauce, elongated green tea steeped with Moroccan mint, like a sky pregnant with happy, gray clouds who have the knowing that it’s ‘reign’ is a celebration, not a fear.

Adwoa’s Gurls Talk is a platform by girls, for girls gets gurls talking. Don’t us gurls love a good talk? I know I do. So, it got me curious. Which does she prefer to talk over? Coffee or tea? And, how?

Adwoah, I questioned, “Which do you prefer, coffee or tea?”

A slight raise of a blonde-d brow followed  two lips opening like the parting of a sea.

“Tea,” she returned with a smile. And then she was off.

Gurl, hi!