coffeetography.: Amir, Lloyd and Keyshawn, on 6th Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

boys in the burg



Boys In The Burg

Ok yeah sure. Before I caught this moment, I was a just a voyeur in a pair of Rag and Bone platforms balancing my inquisitiveness about them. They were a happy-go-urban trio walking down the streets of Williamsburg as a set of beautiful and young black men.


Between wondering if they came out of the big chain coffee shop that I was then passing or a lesser known indie one nearby, I was curious about their spirited comradely.

A couple of ‘excuse me’s’ in a raised deeper voice meant I finally broke the attention of the trio and led to us playing in these brooklyn streets.


I loved how open and together they were. I love how blended their bond felt, like blush to a cheek. And, I loved that there was still an innocence in their eyes – on these streets – and that they weren’t too young to chuckle with me.

When I asked if they had a coffee ritual, they surprised me, causing me to return some wonder and all of my attention.


“I drink espresso or regular.” Amir

“I drink coffee from like Dunkin Donuts.” Lloyd

“Does Starbucks count?” Keyshawn

“Of course.” I said. But you know….

Amir, Lloyd and Keyshawn