coffeetography.: Andrew Davies, The Boy and The Bear, Culver City, CA.

…and the girl

andrew davies, the boy and the bear, culver city

the gent that slipped into my dm’s as smooth as a snake with the sweetest venom – he was a fan. but in reality, that wasn’t so true, he was more like a friend, we just hadn’t met irl, until now.

he spoke Australian coffee culture and I spoke American, but the thread that ran between us was this: people, sitting in the middle of the day not behind a desk finding things in common while slapping thighs, comparing notes and realizing that the why behind what we do was happening to us, among us.

the shop didn’t exactly have his drink and I think it didn’t matter because he was more concerned with asking me questions than drinking what he ordered. was he kidding me? was I that interesting? perhaps, but so was he with his many layers of endeavors and that coveted hat.

if, doing what I love means that a message from somewhere in the world lands me on a . couch in Culver City where coffee is just an excuse then I am all in – willingly.

Coffee Shop:

The Boy and The Bear

12712 W Washington Blvd Suite 101

Los Angeles, CA 90066