coffeetography.: Becky, Mana Contemporary, New Jersey

a real Becky


Becky, Glass Gallery at Mana Contemporary

We were seated on a white bus. On a white bus headed to New Jersey, we were seated.

I saw a monogram button with a mononym name – Becky – pinned to her vintage jacket. I wondered if it was her actual name or a take on the now infamous Becky, circulating in our current pop culture musical lexicon.

When our white bus arrived to the Glass Gallery at Mana Contemporary, in the city also known for its 130 miles of shore, she introduced herself as “Becky, not with the good hair.” Becky and I, and a host of others stood in this, this room for brunch, poised to see a new collection of works opening to the public starting today [5/1]. As I took a sip on a cup of black coffee, this installation by @manacontemporary co-founder and Director, Eugene Lemay didn’t ask for attention, it demanded it as shadow and light danced a tango, the kind you’d find from the homeland of the Latin American artists of which this #emptymana hashtag visit would unveil.

It’s not often that I leave a cup of coffee unfinished. However, with this light, I beckoned Becky graciously, to dance in the light for me. As soon as she did, she became the embodiment of what I believe is the heart of what we saw, the heart of the exhibition, to become ones expression, to announce ourselves with the expression, ‘Everything You Are, I Am Not.’

| Now on view – August 1, 2016 |