coffeetography.: Cipriana Quann near Crave Espresso Bar, NY, NY

barrettes to her left


Ciprianna Quann

This woman.

She is whole and also part of another, as she has a sister twin.

Some exchanges need not a formal place or even walls to occur. This is true when encountering Ciprianna on the streets of New York. I caught her between a fair amount of places that could easily be a backdrop for a imbibers’ wishes.

What I love about the sisterhood of creativity during the streets of New York Fashion Week are the breaks for small chat, that become far from small at all.

In a couple of exchanges -probably the length of a couple sips of pour-over coffee- we made an exchange about the power of connection to our parentals – my father, her mother.

Tears welled, cascading down a pair of cheeks like barrettes to her hair.

This is why I come; this is why I show up to encounter the human experience amid the fashion vacuum.