coffeetography.: David Hamilton, BlackTop Coffee, The Arts District

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David Hamilton

He had a vibe.  A vibe like the film Grease mets River Phoenix, that meets the new but still grity Downtown L.A.

He had particulars: monochromatic style with accents of art in the name of tattoos, his first being the four elements which were inked on him once upon a time in a garage. He sipped the cold brew through a straw, nursing it, as if he was letting his time accumulate, as if each working sip, would later become a pension of energy he could cash in.

“I started drinking coffee when I was five. Coffee, it just makes me happy. I like cold brew, all day, with almond milk. It just makes me happy. It’s all about crafted coffee. And, a lot of people who didn’t love coffee before, like it strong now.”

He’s so spot on that I probe him if he’s ever gone without coffee and how he approaches personal style.

“Once I stopped drinking coffee and I missed the culture, of going every day and the people. I’m not addicted to coffee, it’s just a way of life.”

I love simple clean pieces.  I like black, gray and white. I like my tattoos like I like the rest of my body – to speak for me and not my clothes.


Location: DTLA, Arts District