coffeetography.: Joonyuck, Document Bar, Koreatown, CA

taste is a cat and mouse



On August 18th, the new Supreme collection for fall/winter 2016 became available in stores. Everyone didn’t get something, they never can – but he did. He, Joonyuck sat opposite the lockers known to belong to the staff at Document Coffee Bar, which also foils as a design element. His hair fell like it just came out of an L.A. summer joyride minus the thievery and recklessness.

“Sometimes I drink four coffees a day. The ones I like are mocha, americano and lattes,” Joonyuck said.

“How did you get into appreciating coffee?”

“Starbucks,” he said.  I used to drink coffee in the sixth grade; I started with mocha frappe.

What was it like when you had your first taste of specialty coffee?”

“It was at Paper or Plastik about two years ago. I also had been to Prism. I used to be a barista. But now, I don’t want to do a job from the thing that I like. I want to like it and do a job as something else,” he told me.

That something else, involves the limited edition Supreme Tom and Jerry work shirt that he’s wearing. He sells Supreme.

“I don’t camp anymore; I used to,” he said.