coffeetography.: On Doyers Street, Chinatown, New York



Doyers Street

I’ve lived in this city of New York for a little more than a decade. There is so much that I still haven’t seen. But, I’m not trying to see it all, just what I’m supposed to see, what matters.

One can take an unexpected turn and find themselves discovering an entire microcosm of culture and that’s what matters to me. I believe it’s why getting lost on the streets that I call home still happens to me and why I welcome it. funny, if this were another country, would I even call turning down winding roads; tucking myself into nondescript alleys and watching people sit on fire hydrants like they a living still life, getting lost? I would not. I’d call it exploring, I’d call it where did she get those gold loafers, I’d call it going down an off-the-beaten path, I’d call it cartographizing a culture, I’d call it what I do every day: my life.

Culture isn’t just a capsule of the past. It is everything we see and hear and breathe while we are living in the now, creating a present past. the things we seek on shores offshore are often right here, on our own dry land but sometimes – myself included – we just need an excuse to go after it. I will always make a cup of coffee and the destination of the space to go it’s in, my excuse. then, I guess I’m not getting lost after all, just turned around, turned around right where I’m supposed to be.

Coffee Shop:

Location: Chinatown