coffeetography.: Edward Enninful, near Trocadero Cafe, after Miu Miu.

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Edward Enninful, after Miu Miu, near Trocadero Cafe, Paris 2018.


Where does the once stylist, lover of fashion and now Editor-In-Chief of British Vogue do for coffee when he’s in Paris for its bi-annual Fashion Week?

I asked him, on the streets of Paris, near the Trocadero Cafe because I, was curious and wanted to know. More culturally, coffee like fashion is always changing and I never suspect that what and where one drinks is the same season to season, not when like fashion, coffee is seasonal.

He answered.

“Literally everywhere. And at my hotel, Hotel Crillon.”

Hôtel de Crillon has been listed as a historical monument since 1900. But its fame begin when commissioned by Louis XV in 1758 and served as a private residence until it became a hotel in 1909 Just this September, the Crillon was officially designated by Atout France as a luxury hotel. Their coffee program  “Nespresso machines encased in leather, with an accompanying Cristolfe container holding coffee pods and tea packets,” according to Forbes. 

That’s literally special.