coffeetography.: Fernando, Shepherd’s, MidBeach, Miami




At least a year ago, the coffee shop which I found him sitting in front of didn’t exist.

I wonder if he was here then, warming a milk crate, selling fresh coconuts out of a market basket and getting warmed by the sun.

There’s a bus stop that lets people off in front of Shepherds Artisan Coffee MidBeach, providing constant foot traffic to the  two-weave wicker chairs lining  the outdoor patio. And then there’s the culture driven hostel-like The Freehand Hotel, around the corner where issues of Interview Magazine are for reading while you lounge in an exterior built like an urban oasis, sending guests and passerby’s here for a little pick me up.

As much as I was wanting a 3:05 cafecito -the now official coffee break time of Miami – I was more enthralled with him.

He squinted in-between the shadow and shine of the sun with a cortadito crate side, ‘I sell coconuts, fresh coconuts.” This is Fernando.

Coffee Shop: Shepherd’s Artisan Coffee

Location: MidBeach Miami, Florida