coffeetography.: ‘fifiet fafa’ near Coutume Cafè, Paris, France.

a birds’ feather


le charme de fifi etfafa

so, I was walking down the street and…a woman with black feathers in her fascinator was approaching. she was not alone. she was in the company of a man, a handsome man  who had a generous number of inches in height above her. 

who was she, that allowed her to walk these rues of Paris in a beautiful hat like this, that spoke more to me than a lot of what I’d seen peacocking during Paris Fashion Week? 

something about her told me that this was who she was, everyday. after all, here she was, on a street I was on #walkingforcoffee, far from the addresses of any upcoming show.

she wondered about me too, about why I was amused and what is more, why I wanted a document of her and these black feathers?

it was as if she didn’t see why I thought who she was being, was so special. and yet, that’s the thing isn’t it, to be ourselves is that special. 

then, she asked where I was going for coffee. I told her @coutumecafe. then the handsome man  who had a generous number of inches in height above her awoken, with awe. 

“he’s been asking me for good coffee. and I didn’t have a clue where,” she said. 

well, here I am/was and the rest, including the short list I gave her was like birds of a feather, flock together history. | #coffeetography,  #makeportraits |