coffeetography.: Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, after Coach, near Little Canal. New York, NY.

come through


The face she wore before I asked what she liked and how she likes it.

She answered with all the immediate charm of a person who embraces a ritual as much as they do themselves.

I loved seeing this fashion editor exit from a host of shows during New York Fashion Week with her fro, ever a microphone whether one picks it up or not for ‘naturally me’ and representative of a culture whose roots trace back to Ethiopia. Ethiopia, the country where the culture of preparing coffee might be done by women whose hair might also be such loving small small heights as hers in its natural state.

Stay, I did, with her form until we met. Because as Fashion Editor at Garage Magazine her voice is a natural in the era of print thriving in a digital world order.

This is Gabriella Karefa-Johnson and she likes her coffee how Issa Rae roots for actors at the Oscars: black.


Coffee Shop: Near Little Canal

Location: Basketball City, New York