coffeetography.: Irene ‘Discos’, Go Get Em Tiger, Larchmont Village, California

pitter patter




Ever meet someone for the first time and wonder where they’ve been all your life? Ever connect with someone so organically that the word effortless could lose the right to its own definition, because a human embodies it so much?

Ever meet someone and feel like parting is like out of a movie scene, you know, that ‘Color Purple’ one where two sisters clap hands in a wide open field as they’re being torn apart? Have you ever?

If you have and I hope you will, have the opportunity to have your heart be so challenged with such an experience, then I’m close to describing how wonderful it was to be in the ephemeral space of @Discos, a human being with gravitational pull: she’s an encounter.

This woman and wife and artist opened me up instantly, like instant coffee – although I don’t like it instant – on the importance of aligned love, trusting the sense of intuition and allowing the self to be authentically itself.

Her husband gave her a kiss on the cheek before our coffee date began and it seemed like all of a sudden that, that cheek filled with a blush of pink, like desaturated licorice pink. Can a love be so deep that the simplest of expressions impact the under frequencies of the skin? I believe so. Do you? And you know what is said, if one believes than it’s as if it’s already real. I am so excited to get to know her and her husband and have the energy underneath my flesh go on a journey in the most beautiful ways.

She drinks coffee: an almond cappuccino – cold in the summer, hot in the winter.

Coffee Shop: Go Get Em Tiger

Location: Larchmont Village, CA