coffeetography.: Isaiah, Cafe Collage, Venice, CA.




I wasn’t even out the car, before I was unbuckling my seat belt meeting the eyes of a man whom I’d soon find ou,  traveled from Whittier to Venice for a friends’ yoga class. His pants, looked like yoga pants – spiral stretches of light making a floral pattern which contrasted his solid black zip-up, except for the Adidas logo branding it as such.

He sat out front of Cafe Collage,  an older guard coffee shop in the movement of specialty coffee, a Venice staple serving organic coffee and as healthy fare. Yet, communal and well trafficked just the same.

With earphones on and reddish brown coils seesawing to the rock of his movements we had to meet.

He believes music is the way, the key, the thing. He also believes in a diaspora of drinks: coffee, tea and matcha. But if he was choosing, “Awh, black coffee,” it is for this music man.

Coffee Shop: Collage Cafe

Locarion: Venice Beach, CA