coffeetography.: Jean. Little Haiti, Miami, Florida

miami normal

You can look at a persons eyes. But it’s the person that has to allow you into those pupils: containers of memory. On a day chillier than a Miami normal, he came into the back courtyard of Maker Space for coffee It was his first time having this kind of Kaapi – South Indian coffee – and out of a 1977 vintage Fiat exported from Italy.

I saw him – right into his container of memory as he took his first time sip of this. I was grateful for the immediate access. Then he spoke.

“I’m from Haiti. My parents picked cotton and coffee.”

Bro! I didn’t say that. I kept it cool. ‘Really, tell me about that.’

They picked. But most, the good was exported.

“How is this? It’s good. A little sweet. I like it usually not too sweet but I like it, it is good.”

Then I said, “bruh in my heart, followed by ‘It is good.’”

It is good.

Coffee Shoo: Ministry of Kaapi, PopUp
Location: Miami, Florida