coffeetography.: Jeremy + Louis, Bulletproof Coffee, Santa Monica, CA

times two


Sun, sand and coffee. This is like the perfect equation for a 500 days of summer romance or thoughts of one. This summer, I’ve enjoyed the company of a lot of coffee drinkers.  I find that people often tell me, right away, there coffee drinking habits or lack there-of. I love when they do, because it gives me a chance to hear their thoughts on coffee.  They’ll immediately proclaim either a love for it or in some cases, a mixed relationship with it, from finding a coffee that tastes good, finding a great coffee experience – what I attribute to hospitality – to managing the effects of a ‘strong’ coffee or what I relate that to for those newer to specialty: coffee with flavor.

Spending time with these two gents this summer was full of tales, ones to remember including the “it taste’s like butter,” said Louis Gregory about Bulletproof’s coffee, just two blocks away from where they stood.  That ‘butter’ – Grass-fed butter and high octane oil     paired with original whole bean Bulletproof Coffee had them posing in the warmth of the sun with an inner energy so kinetic, they felt like my new longtime coffee brothers. May the butter be with us all.

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