coffeetography.: Joonbug, Document Coffee Bar, Koreatown, Los Angeles.

hop on it


Joonbug and I go back. Way back. Like meeting up on Coachella weekends back and syncing up at the Melrose Trading Post back. 

however, reuniting with him in LA was perfect timing. I found him at as many different coffee shops as I myself would be in,  if I was rendezvousing in a city for play,for love, for work. 

while Document bar is in KTown and has a lot of customers of Korean heritage, I love being of another heritage and joining in through the culture of coffee. it’s a window into a tie hat binds amidst a universal culture that nourishes its people through liquid gold. 

we sat on Document’s front stools, windows facing the street. I like those kinds of views, because I can be distracted with whose coming in and out, ear hustle on what’s happening at the bar and position myself to touch a person on their forearm and photograph them if the feeling pulls me. 

when this guy walked in, Joonbug and I were in full conversation, but I must have smiled just as fully because later @jacksonkroopf  would tell me that my eyes gave him such a warm welcome when he entered the shop. 

who me? wink. 

it turns out that he ends up sending a text to Joonbug during our conversation unbeknownst to him as he hadn’t yet checked his phone. And what do you know, the two of them know one another. 

and that, my friends cemented a conversation followed by another gent walking into the shop who called “The Coffeetographer?’ That’s me. I turned around and it was a dear coffee friend – we haven’t seen each other in years. So there it was, Joonbug and I had two different connections  going, in one space, bound by coffee. 

this is why I document. | #coffeetographer x @document_coffee_bar |