movement: s/s > iPad Mini Sleeve


Horween Leather Company

Model: Anwar Shariff

Coffee Shop: Lenox Coffee

Origin: Chicago, Illinois

He travels just so.

Anwar Shariff is at once mentor, writer, crafter, explorer and pyschologist in training.  The transplant New Yorker navigates the city and his many endeavors by any movement necessary.

He’s prolific at timing the intersection of shuttles, borough lettered buses, and colored train lines as he is scrupulous in determining which materials get to come along for the ride.  Pair such meticulousness with the hand cut leather iPad mini sleeve, one sees the birth of detail by scrutiny.

The 100% vegetable tanned, Horween leather stitching, is more than a functional  contender; it, like Anwar, succeeds as artisanship on parade. Mind the closing doors.