coffeetography.: Kenton, Maru Coffee, DTLA

crisp stache



I would like to believe that if I could have remained sitting on the newly minted Maru Coffee benches and ignored how he kept averting his eyes to me that I could have eventually made his acquaintance. But who lives in ‘could haves?’ Not I.

Beyond his mom declaring his shyness and in between miniature sips of the contents of his cup,  his eyes kept catching mine.  So I couldn’t remain sitting.

He blushed. I blushed.

Then, I introduced myself. Something told me we were the same, just two humans who found delight in having our favorite thing in a place that adds to the feeling we all are responsible for: inner joy. He had it. I had it. We had it.

c: “Are you local to the area?” I asked his dad at the bar.

Dad: Yes. We’re happy to have this coffee shop  closer to us so we can get to it.  We’re locals to the area.

c: What is he drinking?

Mom: Hot chocolate.

c: Is that his regular?

Mom: Yes, his favorite.

He had a corner milk mustache, like the color of the white crisp you find among the brown of Worlds Finest chocolate crisp candy bar. I think I did too. We had it.


Maru Coffee

1019 S. Santa Fe Ave.

Los Angeles, CA