coffeetography.: Kiyoka, Taichi, Takibi, Holualoa Village, Hawai’i,

black for her. sweet for him

Kiyoka, Taichi Takibi, Huloaloa Village, Hawai'i

Kiyoka, Taichi Takibi, Huloaloa Village, Hawai’i

She was holding a cup from a nearby coffee sampling along the Coffee and Art Stroll anual event during the Kona Coffee Fest. Her bangs, a cute sleeping kid held by whom I assumed was his father and her long cotton dress drew me in all at once.

“We are from Surftown, a prefixture in the countyside. We came here to visit friends. There aren’t coffee shops where we are – not like this. There, its more like McDonalds, here its tradition.”




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