coffeetography.: Lady near Santo Cafe, Guayaquil, Ecuador.

la mujer

I took a walk around downtown Guayaquil to see the buildings and it’s architecture for which the city is known. I couldn’t escape the people, moving in mini droves to destinations inside these buildings where air conditioners were sold, croissants were baking and music played within door frames that hid shopkeepers and us from the humidity and a banana pepper sun.

Then, she was across the street, from the one which I was standing on, in deep conversation with another local. I waited for some minutes, crossed the street and engaged her in conversation. She was as warm as she appeared, blossoming even more before me,  as she became aware that yes, I wanted to capture her, as she was, for what she likes: black coffee.

Even in another country speaking ‘coffee’ can unite us more than language.