coffeetography.: Landon, Flowerboy Project, Venice CA

now drying


Drying roses are made for a moment like this. A moment like, standing in the glow of the sun and connecting via a connection tool.

This is Landon. He drinks about six cups of coffee a day, “ballpark,” he said. He embodied himself while in this hybrid space, coffee and flowers, paired with a skateboard that seemed to have its fair share of rolling around these Venice city streets.

This poet explained to me some of his philosophies on life, “I love, like, being present with something I want to create and the clarity its bring. I love how it crashed there and brings you into the present moment, it doesn’t distract you but engages you further. And FlowerBoy is my favorite place, it grew on me like a blooming flower. The employees here have created this groovy atmosphere with hippy vines and flowers and the sun is always shining through the windows.”

c.: How do you like your coffee?

L.: “I like brewed coffee with half and half and a lot of cinnamon.”

I looked into his cup, which was just topped by the barista and it indeed had a lot of cinnamon – spotted like a dalmatian. For now, you can find his poetry “in my notebook,” he said.

Coffee Shop: FlowerBoy Project

Location: Venice, CA