coffeetography.: Mecca James-Williams, Post Libertine, West Side Highway. NYFW

smiles have jobs too



Mecca James-Wo;;oa,s

It was all one big chill – nineteen degrees and dropping. But who would know that when instantly it wasn’t. That’s because this human – Mecca James-Willaims – wore a smile that rippled among the humans in mass exodus crossing the street post Libertine. Ultra sun beams do appear in real life and she’s one of them among a palette of desaturated pop on an industrial West Side of New York.

c.: What do you like coffee, or tea?

Mecca: Neither. I prefer chai with almond milk.

I’m going to have to start inserting chai into my street questions.

c.: Any specific go-to place?
Mecca: Ah, I like Sincerely Tommy.


Sincerely Tommy is a concept store with a coffee bar housed within it named S,T. Pronounced phonetically.