coffeetography.: Mo + Camille, Paris France.

girls. in Paris.


Mo + Camille, Paris, France.

My sisters were my first girlfriends. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them, nor a place I wouldn’t go. 

When I think upon the idea some friends are also like sisters it warms my heart like an oven of ascending heat. I believe women who find sisterhood in friendship are blessed. 

I watched them walk across the Place de la République past the cafè to a little market with a queue that wouldn’t let up.  

Being a friendly voyeur I watched them shop for some petite items, Mo carrying a camera and Camille carrying a skateboard. I wondered how their passions found each other in this world. I wondered how visual and performance art bound them. I wondered their names, each with rings of curls according to a DNA all their own.

How do the youth afford a coffee habit? What do you choose from when your passions involve visual arts, performance and being in a city where specialty coffee is only affordably price if you’re able to maintain a three plus and up euro coffee habit a day.

“I like a Cafe Lunggo,” said Mo.

“I get coffee when I can afford it, it’s so expensive here. So usually I get a green tea, with nothing added,” said Camille.

There we have it, sometimes one coffees and sometimes one doesn’t.