coffeetography.: Mychael, Long Beach, Steelhead Coffee, CA

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Mychael, Steelhead Coffee


It started as a raining day. By afternoon, the clouds begin to dissipate slowly and eventually kind of like how one interacts with a preconceived idea about something.

Meet Mychael. He’s always traveling, exploring and I know playing with a lot of ideas at once  That’s why I like having coffee with him. Because, it’s  not just coffee, it never is, it’s like time within an expanse and a place is. Coffee with Mychael, is where ideas can run and if should they dissipate, then it’s what remains that one should seek.  Or shall I say, as Rumi would, “what seeks you.”

What drink does Mychael seek at a coffee shop?

“Cortados remind me of my time in Argentina. I first had one at Las Violetas.  Cortados have a little bit of everything: an espresso shot, warm milk and a bit of foam. And last, I like the seltzer back, it’s a great palette cleanser.”

Coffee Shop: Steelhead Coffee at Steelcraft

Location: Long Beach, CA