coffeetography.: Petra Collins, After Coach, Face of Gucci, NYFW


Petra Collins


All the waves and all the curls, of hair,can be in formation until one curl wisps away from the mane. Although everything else may remain in place, together and in order, it is the thing – this curl, that’s against the structure, it makes a scene of itself in the most unintentional way, delightfully taking your attention to the point of amusement. And then,  look at that, you are an audience for a curl

Sometime humans do this to our eyes, divert them even in a crowd. I don’t always know it, until I find myself turning around, among a wave of beating hearts, to a curl wishing itself away from formation: Petra Collins. To exist as a force, nursing such distraction is a wonderment of being.

She loves water. But, if we’re talking Gucci, the photographer, artist and director sips tea.