coffeetography.: Peyton Knight, New York, New York



She looked dreamy. As if she had found a scene within a dream and was living in it. Perched on a little ledge in front of a vacant building I insert ed myself into the sequence curious if she was just here, on a coffee break or has other imaginative, loitering intentions. But of course I was even more curious if she just came from one of the half dozen coffee shops just a couple storefronts away.

c.: Do you drink coffee?

p.k.: Yea! Lots of it.

c.: Where do you like to go?

p.k. Actually, I’m always disappointed that when I go they don’t make it as good as me. So I just make it at home. Lots of it -on my French Press.

c.: French Press is my favorite method right now. But you know I think you should try a place where I’m headed now, Cafe Integral, there’s two, but one popped up into American Two Shot with a fashion concept – I think you’d like it.

p.k.: Really.

c.: Yea!  Lots.

Near Cafe Integral x American Two Shot

New York, New York