coffeetography.: Reskque, Miami Beach, Miami

call the people


Distraction is the best sort of thing.

If it’s worth it, distraction takes you off task and redirects your focus. If the focus is worth the diversion, then an entire goal can be supplanted. Here’s to people being so interesting before they even speak that it warrants your rerouting.

I stopped him because he stopped me. But let me clarify. He didn’t get my attention by meeting my eyes, nor did he serve a hand gesture to flag my gaze, nor did he call me by name or some other formality to Get my attention. He didn’t see me coming  because he was looking for me, he wasn’t looking for the art spanning two tents at Art Basel’s Pulse Art Fair.


I got the feeling that he and this story of self presentation wasn’t even the tip of the Miami Beach for him. Perhaps that’s why I had to float to his pieces of adornment, rippling like a wave but creating a riptide, upon eye sight.



“I drink matcha,” he said.

Fittingly so.