coffeetography.: Shaina and Jonathan, Neon Coffee, Echo Park, CA

coffee crasher


Shaina and Jonathan, Neon Coffee

Do you ever wonder how people arrive at a destination? Like how did they get there and where were they before here?

I kind of crashed Jonathan and Shaina’s coffee date and found out.

“We just visited Hermosa Park. And we were enjoying the nice day and we were like ‘wanna go and grab a cup of coffee,’” they said.

They grabbed a cup of coffee at the less than month old Neon Coffee, in Echo Park, which triples as a coffee subscription and international multi-roaster sop.

This was their first time and mine. Given Tohm Ifegan’s career in coffee and music; it makes sense that along with high ceilings, an open faced bar  throwback tile to the tune of pink, his hospitality illuminates above it all.

It won’t be my last visit and I’m lretry sure not theirs.

Order Up: matcha for her, cold brew for him.