coffeetography.: Soh, near La Colombe Coffee at Photoville,

oh hello

Before ascending the stairs to a photography exhibit, I saw a mustard yellow wrapped turban, complimenting cocoa chocolate skin,   on a woman accompanied by a man slightly taller than she.

I don’t know exactly what moved me to continue with my curiosity. But, an ‘excuse me’, and then a ‘hello’, for an introduction, soon found me discovering that she and him were both coffee lovers; transplants to Los Angeles and connoisseurs of experiences.

As we stood among a crowd that weaved around us, we found commonalities in our interests, pleased with how stopping to connect with someone at once unknown, would now be a significant memory.

Here’s to those patches of time that grab a bit of our energy, for we never know how the gravity of likeness will draw us to one another, revealing our sameness.