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snap, chuckle, pop!

on a creative morning in new york…

“Food is community, it brings us all together,” so said Emilie Baitz at the New York  Creative Mornings[6.14]

And, coffee is one of those foods. Coffee makes a cameo at Creative Mornings, which created by Tina Roth Eisenberg is a monthly breakfast lecture series, with a global theme featuring inspiring people.

I dig this series for all that it implies – its in the morning – one of my favorite times of day, it involves creativity – persons of note within from a variety of disciplines discussing their creative contributions to society within the context of a monthly theme, and breakfast, which -Hello!- includes coffee.

I believe coffee and the spaces in which it finds itself, provides unique insight into culture and community. Thus as the coffeetographer™, I attend these mornings for the community and inspiration but now also with an inspired purpose  to document its adherents through the lens of coffee culture, for  “where there is coffee, there is style.”

On my first attempt, I was drawn to snap pops of color – integral to style and food – and a chuckle. Thus, snap, chuckle, pop.  I welcome you’ll join me on this monthly journey of cultural discovery.

See you in July.