coffeetography.: Suzy Menkes, Uptown

unlike another


Suzy Menkes

Ms Menkes is a journalist. However, this statement, in a sentence, doesn’t seem enough for whom high fashion caught her fancy as a young woman. She’s an anomaly in reporting -doing so as a critic with an eye for what makes fashion a royal pursuit.

What does one do in the bright of day, when one – I – see her exiting a fashion show. I take a walk with her and ask her what I would love to know and report on it for the culture.

C: Do you like coffee or tea?

She pauses, slightly and her mind begins to field an answer.

“It depends on who makes it.”

And then she stopped.

She seems amused now, a little blush like that of petunias comes to her cheeks, as if they were slightly filled with natural air, like that a child that unwittingly holding their breath at an unexpected sight of wonder.

“I think French tea is wonderful; English tea is too and the Italian, I’m not sure about their tea.”

She walked off with the petunias, still holding their color.