coffeetography.: Thiam + May, Cafe Bari, SoHo, NYFW

the two of them


Thiam + May

I imagined their hands were the recipient of the softest touch wherein warmth from a blistering wind was needed. She in a scarf, he in a jacket were hand in hand walking down Canal, passing the corner coffee shop.

I had to stop them. I just wanted to know a little about them. They were just exiting school. We talked about that; rap – Chance’s Grammy win, although it’s. Or particularly the kind of music Thiam listens to.  Yet he said, “imagine being nominated with who you look up to and winning.”

Yes, imagine!

I couldn’t nor would I keep them long because the wind began to blow us all, May’s hair included. Our time was short enough to find out how, this younger world caffeinates these days

May had been a bit quiet, in a beautiful way. That is until Thiam said he didn’t drink coffee but she did.

Oh did she?  And she became enlivened! I immediately felt her energy.

“Always light and lots of sugar,” she said.