coffeetography.: Tiffany Perry, Cognoscenti Coffee, Culver City, CA.

she’s a star


Tiffany Perry, Cognoscenti Coffee, Culver City

She has stars in her eyes. Blame her ambition.

She could have pulled her hair out upon her cross coastal move from New York to Los Angeles six years ago, upon discovering many a closed doors to her initial path of being an actress.

Instead of doing that, she began creating her own roles – with heaps of self-created wanderlust imagery, taking up the craft of script writting while thrifting her way through the city’s infamous dollar sales.

“People were commodifying me and putting me in a box. I said, ‘f!%& it,’ and started writing. I decided to create my own s?!$. Writing became like drugs; I felt whole as an artist.”

Make your own roles; make your own rules. She drinks coffee and tea.

Coffee Shop: Cognoscenti Coffee

Location: Culver City, CA