coffeetography.: TomCatPur, Bryant Park, NY, near Hole In The Wall.



Cats purr. So does style, when it is its own. True, we are all a collage of so many impressions, influences, and ideas but the assemblage of it played into the presentation of a self is when a person like @tomcatpurr walks up the final flight of subway stairs into the pavement of an island known for being a beacon of individuality and style.

The last time I wore goggles I was swimming in the Maui ocean. I might as well have been back on that island with all the life I was seeing in his energy.

I admit I like being stopped in my tracks. I like when essence is more than a whiff but substance. Suspended in wonder, held in intrigue and drawn by how he painted himself t was this statement that forever leave sand in my pumps;

“Coffee shops provide an entrance into a community,”  said the D.C. native whose  coffee ritual includes a bodega and a Papi not swindling him an extra ten cent.

“I get a dollar coffee and a Loosey. It’s super Brooklyn. Sometimes they try to charge me 35 cents and I’m like ‘No Papi, 25.’



Location: Bryant Park, near Hole In The Wall

City: Manhattan, New York