coffeetography.: Uta, Wynwood Streets, Miami, Florida

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Uta, The Streets of Wynwood

Uta, The Streets of Wynwood

One upon a city, she lived in Italy; now, she lives in Brooklyn. She is an artist, making art and being art itself. She was painting a truck parked on the street in back of her, with which her lips were painted.

I was curious as to why she came to Wynwood and why, Art Basel.

“I’ve participated outdoors in Soho and have been very political. Soho artists were the ones to have an artist response to illegal state taxes and our legal rights to sell our wares. Artists get pushed around and then they kick us out.  It excites me when artists make and build their communities. This year, I came for me, to build for me.”

And, the coffee, I had to ask about the coffee. She responded.

“Look I’m a coffee addict. I used to live in Italy and got addicted.  I went to the place next to Joey’s – its quick coffee, good coffee and to go. I like it black with a drop of cream, or some half and half.”