coffeetography.: Veronique Tristam

icon on the iris

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

What do you do when a style muse comes across the anatomical structure of your iris and paints within it, like crayons do with lines that otherwise slither like a snake on a page?
At first I did like the character Sean O’Connell in Walter Mitty and watched her beautifully not ask for attention amid an exodus of people.

There were at least two dozen frames but this was the first and there’s something about a first click that is haunting.

It’s that moment when the spirit of impulse and the shutter of the eye meet, as if they’ve come out from behind a cloaked entrance – meeting before calculation; before adjustment, before the rules of a right and wrong take over, before feeling is treated like it isn’t enough to decide that artistic sensibility often happens in our firsts: first mind, first impulse, first thought, trust it.

Coffee Shop: Near Madman Espresso

Location: New York, New York