coffeetography.: Zerina Akers, at Invalides, after Valentino, near Coutume Babylone.



Any one can walk down a famous street in Paris – many do. But when the crowd let out of the Balenciaga show, held at Invalides during Paris Fashion Week SS19, the pavement gave way to a sea of people moving with elongated legs and hair that found a way to go with the evening wind.

That’s how I noticed her.

She walked down this famous street, validating her sense of self through style, starting with a stark white collar shirt paired with a plum reduction lip; curls that had room to exhale and this attractive smirk that said with perceptible modesty, ‘I know exactly who I am, do you?’

She exfoliates with coffee grounds and for that, this  culture suggests a fresh bag from the city’s elder statesman in specialty coffee, seven minutes away: Coutume Babylone.