on coffee.: For Coffee Lovers. Talk from Brazil, London, Louisville, Netherlands, Qatar, August 8.

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Hungry Ghost Brooklyn, Flatbush Brooklyn

“You just can’t beat having those relationships and knowing the full story of your coffee.” Courier-Journal x Louisville, Kentucky

“Tired of coffee that comes out of a plastic capsule.” Dutch News x Netherlands
“More coffee comes from Brazil than anywhere else in the world.” Today x Brazil

Visitors gain access to a replica Qatari market, where, in addition to henna hand-painting, they can snap selfies dressed in authentic clothing, watch sword-dancing shows, use interactive touch-screens to learn about Qatari history and culture, and take part in coffee and tea workshops. The Wall Street Journal x Qatar

“Intercontinental Exchange Inc. has proposed changes to its robusta coffee contract to provide a level playing field for all buyers and sellers, according to people familiar with the matter.” Bloomberg x London