coffeetography:. Creative Mornings, October 2014

where there is coffee, there is style

On a creative morning in new york…

The Steve Powers, the man who writes words somewhere above the ground and below the sky, took the Creative Morning stage at the Museum of Modern Art which technically counted as “showing at MOMA.” he said.  The visual communicator represents the voice of a people in cities and countries all over the world with painted letters billboarded in the sky. He’s created a work and life for himself that allows him to turn communications with everyday people into a visual one. Viewing himself as a reformed graffiti artist who just paint walls, one can consider his painting a high form of welcomed art.

“I don’t care what I paint as long as I’m pulling it from the community, I just want to be a microphone.”

Playing with truth through word pictures, like ‘Euphoria is U for me,”, I’ve ordered food and forgot that I don’t have any money,’, ‘I’m pretty sure, you’re pretty sure,’ and ‘Your ever is all I’m after’ create a range of realities resonating with a readers’ life. What is interesting is that he admitted, “I didn’t really know what I was doing,” but while his peers were thinking about college in his early years, he was thinking about climbing rooftops. How inspiring on a creative morning for attendees like the above that woke up to get inspired.

One’s dreams are always with them, its about time we start climbing for them.