Culture N.E.W.S. Altadena, London, New Jersey, Portland, Singapore, Feb 20-22

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@herabot, instagram

@herabot, instagram

Along Telok Ayer street in the city of Singapore, if you enter Free The Robot you’ll be joined by actual vintage robots. Looking for freedom and an escape like probably you are too – these robots find themselves on the wall, painted by a local mural artist.  Captured by Singapore Instagrammer @herabot, these simple lines are a reminder to this culture of the non-complex need – freedom.  Here’s to a taste of it and it’s coffee too. Psst…Also, if you’re into mochas, word on the street is, they use real Valrhona.





Open House!
Warming its home with some new collections Mana Contemporary opens its New Jersey doors with a view on the West, road trips and all that use to fit in print.
Early isn’t just an adjective for the collection of framed, large format print lining the walls like close siblings by ICP in Sudden Impact: Photography on the Printed Page. A collection started by  and then acquired by the museum shows the beginning of a once print only news culture when graphic design and art began to play to the eye even if for a temporary time. These, now relics of journalism, are a framed testament of a world a lot less filtered, pure even. On through April 8.

Its vibrancy in the simplest of things that makes California, California. Its terroir, its sunsets to the presence of the automobile, in the mid-1950’s – classics now – that shaped and changed the landscape of the most populous state in America. From Ruscha’s sunset that is a dangling carrot for any California dweller, to the remnants of type and signage evidence by Edward and Nancy Kienholz’s Peidcord Apts, to the Untitled, mixed media by Joel Morrison who uses industrial supplies to contrast the inner and outer physical body as a thing in progress, it’s all a great reminder about us as individuals and the work that we do. Its always bits and pieces formulating. Let us not be daunted. Made in California: Selections from the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation is where some of the brightest hues, iconic type and surrealist tropes come together for a conference with the essence of exploration as the artists intangible moderator. Feel the sunrise!

Quinnys masks

Quinn’s masks

Not to be missed is the varied and personal travels of director and Artist Anthony Quinn in, The T’ang Horse: The Passions of Anthony Quinn a true melange of his life expressed through a broad collection : his line drawings, film, curation of masks, through August 1, 2016. For a full list of what’s on now visit here.  Open House: 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Steven Tai Studio, captured by @stephjbw

SUN- 23rd | LONDON

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Sunday style has been transported. To London. The unfolding of fashions upcoming AW16 season by London’s own, is in full swing. On the schedule today include Preen, Phoebe English, Mulberry, Temperley London, Mulberry, Paul Smith and more. . Stream some of it live here and/or follow the hashtag #lfw for how designers are proposing you adorn yourself this fall. From the last two days it’s looking like the woman is in full form, with coverage, layers and at times petite exposure reminding the culture that there is freedom in style. TIMES: Various
 Cafe De Leche, Altadena

Cafe De Leche, Altadena

FRI – SUN | Altadena, Pasadena
The land of California is vast but it’s specialty coffee concentration minute. Enter Cafe de Leche, an early adopter of specialty coffee in Highland Park has opened its second location. In its first, there’s a deja vu, Portland-esque, where everyone knows your name friends vibe, – that was long this culture knows – at its initial outpost fueled by Stumptown. So, the arrival of higher altitude Pasadena locale, has the culture hoping for the same emotional aesthetic.  Stroll in for a peak this opening weekend and beyond to see how it feels – we’ll surely do the same.  HOURS: 7 a.m. – 5 p.m
illustration by iStock

illustration by iStock

SUN | World Read


Before you shut down your Saturday, this culture suggests this, for a before-Monday read. Expounding on the need to not do overtime and value those office breaks, or coffee breaks as this culture likes to call them, it’s a quick and thoughtful read, with coffee preferably.