Culture Cooler: Three Things To Talk About From The Wknd [2.9]

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ONE: Phoenix, Arizona

An airpot is airborn.

A multi-checkered air balloon sits in the middle of Phoenix, Arizona. Before it takes off, the proprietors of Float Balloon Tours bring a little heat of their own before its passengers fly away into space. By Chemex and  Cartel, all riders receive coffee on the field by the transport of an airpot. On a recent float balloon, Santa Clara from Antigua, Guatemala made in appearance on the field. “No trained baristas on the ground, but we have many as guests, so we have great quality control,” said Float Balloon Tours.

courtesy of Float Balloon Tours

courtesy of Float Balloon Tours

Looks like Pharrell isn’t the only “hot air balloon going into space.” Book a balloon and sip a chemex already!

TWO: Paris, France


via Kitsune Journal

via Kitsune Journal

Kitsune, the French fashion-music-cafe brand released a remix of Go Citizens ‘Lighten Up’ by Cesare. And true to its brand identity it encompasses a triune of its lifestyle aims – fashion, music, coffee.  The beauty of this video is multi-fold from coffee resting in between two females clearly lounged in sleepwear where coffee often makes a sensible appearance in most lifestyles; to the animated touches and washed out hues where a near mustard bialetti pops in the background to mason jars and ceramics placed artfully around. See the video below.

THREE:  Los Angeles

Play that funky music Grammys.  For the 57th time, the red carpet rolled all the way out in Downtown Los Angeles for one of cultures biggest stars, music.  Given the symbiotic relationship of music to coffee a nod is given to some of the nights winners who’ve tuned in to specialty coffee in the last year:

Jack White, Lazaretto, Best Rock Performance

St Vincent, Best Alternative Music Album

Pharrell, Happy Live, Best Pop Solo Performance