Culture Cooler : 3 Things [From the Weekend] to Still Talk About [1.20]


1. Yes, its awards season! Not just for Film and T.V. but for coffee too. Fourteen brands have reason to dress up all year long, now that they have the beautiful blue ribbon status of the Good Food Awards.

2. A barista  in Miami – Isis Miller – takes center stage in the New York Times Intersection video.  She speaks about her Wynwood neighborhood where her own coffee-street-style is on display in front of her coffee shop, Panther Coffee, “I’ve always wanted to be described as a handsome woman…like Katharine Hepburn.”

3. On Saturday Jan 18th, 2014 Miami’s barista Camila Ramos competed for Panther Coffee in the Big Eastern U.S. Coffee Championships.  That day she made history, when she included – for the first time in the competition’s known history – within her competition mixtape, the voice of the farmer who grew her coffee. #Epic!

The following day on Sunday, Jan 19th, she won the title for her SouthEast region. The significance of her routine – with a vocal tribute to a grower in his native language – is akin to something like when Beyonce included the voice of a woman author whose thoughts on feminism mattered to her, in her track ***Flawless, which is from her fifth studio album Beyonce.

Yes, Camila Ramos just stole coffee culture’s heart by allowing the voice of a farmer, and thus all farmers to be as important as the voice a barista gives to coffee itself every day in cafes all around the world.


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