Culture Cooler : 3 Things [From the Weekend] to Still Talk About [3.3]

culture cooling

1. Portland Coffee Roasting cupped ‘the red carpet’ and served specialty coffee at The Academy Awards  for a good cause, caffeinating stars and raising funds for water projects in Honduras.

2. For the past week, Paris Fashion Week, has taken over the city of lights. Spotting this Kenzo sleeve and coffee cup at the show gave room for pause and a high cupUp for French fashion.

3. Art and Film experienced a wonderful union when barista-artist-of-the-stars, Michael Breach,  created coffee portraits courtesy of illy. So, the best picture win going to ’12 Years A Slave’ made the art and etching of the film even more of a golden moment.

p.s. Oh, and for a reminder of where to coffee in Paris hit the dots