culture cooler.: A Paper Cup Indulgence, Food and Coffee Farmer Security, Toro Y Moi + Bedstuy’s Domicile. October 25, ’18

get to the coffee

1.               FASHION

In the October issue of W Magazine on which Carey Mulligan Wildlife and Bradley Cooper, A Star Is Born grace the Star Power lies a sartorial take on everyday products, like this culture’s coffee cup.

Titled, Everyday Indulgences the article takes on the white paper coffee cup and pairs it with luxury fashion by way of a glamours set design where jewels take the cup.  Jewels come from Piaget,  Boucheron, Buccella Timlan, Cartier, Chanel, Chopard, David Yurman, Dior, Van Cleef & Arpels, Louis Vuitton and more.

Photographed by Marius W Hansen, styled by Rickie de Sole, with set design by Lilly Martha Ebener.

The spread asks, “Who says extravagance can’t be down-to-earth?” Given that, coffee which historically has gone into a white paper cup and is from the motherland’s Ethiopia, the everyday ritual of sipping coffee from a cup is an indulgence to welcome.



Global Espresso Coffee Makers Market 2018 Analysis by Industry Growth, Trends

Released on, by the Global Espresso Coffee Makers Market Trends peers into PEOPLE

Seasonal hunger plagues many coffee farmers. Often termed the lean years, farmers find themselves subsisting on wages below what their coffee crop will reap and going into debt and months of hunger. This republished report is white paper on sustainability through the lens of specialty coffee. Food Security and Coffee face the same challenge, being able to survive and thrive for generations to come, not jus the ones that provide coffee for the world now.

A download link for the paper is here, just in time to add it to ones fall reading. 

The paper tackles this thesis “Hunger takes an enormous toll on the world’s coffee growers. Food insecurity in coffee-producing communities is inconsistent with the specialty coffee industry’s commitment to sustainable livelihoods and threatens the viability of the specialty coffee industry for the future. While hunger and food insecurity are complicated issues, there are immediate opportunities for all stakeholders in the specialty coffee industry to get involved and take action to help end hunger in the coffeelands.”

Throughout the 15  pages of the actual report one is informed about the problem;  learns how coffee growers experience hunger, the impact hunger has on the coffee industry as a whole, solutions and recommendations as well as case examples on how to end this crisis. Its recommended reading and references to films about the lean months will leave the coffee concerned educated and hopefully moved.


There are some relatable items seen on the sartorial and design choices of Toro y Moi’s newest video “Freelance” off his forthcoming album Outer Peace italics. 

There’s an exercise ball which has the dual function if a chair, there’s his bucket hat, sage in a ceramic on the work station desk and socks that look like they are a product of a Hansel and Basel – at least this culture hopes. 

Chaz Bear aka Toro y Moi takes on the freelance economy and questions normality all why parodying himself in a video about the state of his own thoughts as a creative, as a freelancer in an economy where you can turn anything into a income producing  job. 

He additionally gets the culture’s eye when he lays down on a white couch, against a blue floor.

This reminds the culture of similar blue on a floor in a Bedstuy coffee shop calls Domicile. Has Bears been here? Has he taken advantage of the freelance life and working from a coffee shop with a longer as you need to policy like Domicile?  If not, consider this a notice to do  so with a cup of coffee to the sound of trickling water.