Culture Cooler: A Ride to Bath, A Bi-Annual Zine, and a Blend By The Numbers

it happened this weekend

via Alice Gao, Lingered Upon

via Alice Gao, Lingered Upon

Alice Gao, known New York writer and photographer, published a blog entry post ‘Leaving the Big City’ upon her visit to the town of Bath, and a pitstop to the multi UKBC champion’s, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood’s Colonna & Smalls.

She features an image from the Bath shop with an espresso cup on the counter of where this culture can only assume many come for the destination – that’s a little off the grid – for a great cup of coffee and maybe some talk on the value of water to creating an optimal cup. So, this culture is saying put Bath on your touring map.


The biannual slow fashion print zine, SumZine held its final weekend at the South Street Seaport Studios PopUpMob, on an upper floor. The space, part retail and exhibition gallery host an entire round of new vendors every six weeks.

Currently, SumZine – forwarding the ideas of fashion from one of the worlds most stylish cities, New York – holds a portion of the upper floor with its zine, other zines and artwork exhibited on the walls by one cool neon sign. Along with its residency, within the pop-up, one could also visit the inside coffee bar doubling as an outdoor walk up fueled by Kobricks Coffee called Casa Caffeina by Via Quadronno. The concept of coffee as experience united with art once again.

mano a mano coffee, @instagram

mano a mano coffee, @instagram

Taking it to visuals and percentages Melbourne’s Mano a Mano Coffee decides to showcase a new blend by showing everything but a picture of coffee or the bag in which he blend will be housed. Instead, it uses a graphic with percentages appealing to the visual learner. This culture loves this and says forward! to using the platform of social – Instagram and Twitter – to tell the visual story of a new coffee arrival, in a nontraditional way. Raise a cup!


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