Culture Cooler: Activated Coffee, Budapest, Common Objects, Seth Godin, June 11, 2017

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1. A lot can happen in 100 days. Like, drawing common objects every single one of those one hundred days as artist Tan Tan is doing. Look at what makes a cameo nearly half a dozen times: coffee., instagram

2. Re:Co Budapest, the sister to the American Re:Co symposium “fostering collaboration research and community.” Its now playing with topics covering cascara as novelty, coffee consumption now and future and the state of specialty coffee through science. Follow their twitter feed and have your mind scientifically blown.

3. Writer, blogger and creator of things Seth Godin opening line on his Monday, June 11th post begins like this, “Four hundred years ago, almost no one on Earth had tasted coffee.” See how he uses coffee to frame the context of revolutions and accelerating them.

4. It looks like coffee has a new black. Check out a black latte at New York’s Round K and an activated black charcoal latte at Menottis via Schizandu Organics.

Charcoal Latte, @menottis, instagram

5. The annual out of doors and on top of roofs summer film series, Rooftop Films has a head star on summer with its programming under way. Among the weekly bill of feature films, documentaries and shorts one can find themselves visiting for an evening of and discovering that coffee has a place there too like in the Dark Toons evening where